Virtual Harp Summit

The Harp Conference-Festival
That Comes Straight to Your Living Room

Learn directly from 28+ masters,
to gorgeous harp performances,
other harpists worldwide,
all in your PJs!

VHS events run twice a year,
in March & September.

  • STUDY on your own schedule, in your own home!
  • LEARN from 28+ amazing masters via all-new videos
  • Make new harp FRIENDS & find your harp COMMUNITY
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Finally bring your harp playing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL
  • ...and experience all this without even leaving home!

I am absolutely blown away with the talent and variety of VHS!


What a marvelous gift to the community of harpists around the world!

RS, Canada

SUMMIT 2017 THEME: Technique

"Virtual Harp Summit 1’s theme was “Playing with Expression & Creativity”

From this powerful gathering of 28+ master harpists, we learned Technique is CRUCIAL if we want to play with expression and flow, not to mention ease.

In fact, VHS.1 participants voted for Technique as our theme for VHS.2 – and here we are!

But isn’t Technique hard and boring?

Not with Virtual Harp Summit 2’s lineup!

Finally fall in love with Technique and understand how it sets your playing free.

We’ll be talking about principles - not rules! - and representing harpists from many genres and type of harp.

Each top-notch harpist at Virtual Harp Summit has been chosen because they deeply understand Technique as an artistic tool.

They know how to share about technique in a way that is accessible, liberating and fun.

Let’s get started on owning Technique and playing the way we want to!"

Some of these outstanding harpists are old friends to you,
others will be delightful new faces - all are amazing.
You are GUARANTEED to come away with
life-changing tools and experiences that will make a HUGE impact on your harp playing.

Thank you so much for putting all this together and making it available to all! I learned things that have already made a huge difference in my harp playing! And I enjoyed hearing all the different personalities that come through in the concerts.

CB, Canada


Have you ever attended a workshop, missed a key point, and wished you could press pause? At VHS, press pause with abandon! Better yet, watch all the video workshops as many times as you like! You won't miss a single minute!


Pour yourself a nice glass/make a steaming cup of your favorite brew, and sit down for a guaranteed front row seat at our glorious concerts on video! Don't worry about dashing in and throwing coats over seats!

...and social time!

One of the great joys of festivals is meeting other harpists. At VHS you'll connect with harpists worldwide at our online "social hours." You'll even be able to follow up long-term via our Private online pages. Welcome to your new harp friends and communities!

Who is teaching at Virtual Harp Summit?

You won't believe this lineup, all under one virtual roof!

Alice Giles

Technique & Expression​

Peter Roberts

​Healing Harp Technique

Josh Layne

​Daily Practice Technique

Cynthia Cathcart

Wire-Strung Technique​

Christy-Lyn Marais

Playing & Singing Technique​

Linda Wood Rollo and Susann McDonald

The Legacy of Pedal
Harp Technique​

Dave Woodworth

Carbon harps - extend &
ease your playing life!​

John Metras

Meet the Cross-Strung Harp​

Claire Happel

Harp & Alexander Technique​

Angie Thusius

Kentro Body Balance
for Harpists​

Helen Webby

Daily Warm-up Technique​

Diana Stork

Breathing & Technique​

Rachel Hair

Technique in Scottish Music​

Sunita Staneslow

Feeling Technique -
body-centered playing​

Ann Heymann

Wire-Strung Harp Intensive​

Judy Kadar

Historical Harp Technique​

Mike Parker

Evolution of Harp Technique Through the Ages & how your technique evolves too!​

Karen Gottlieb

Organizing Your Harp Technique Routine

Beth Kolle

Left Hand Technique​

Motoshi Kosako

Body-Mechanics and

Diana Rowan

Everyday FLOW Harp Technique Exercises

Harper Tasche

Technique for Small Harps

Natalia Mann

Harp Technique Fitness - technique from the inside out​

Denise Grupp-Verbon

Harp Technique
Refresher 101​

Julia Kay Jamieson

Young at Harp Method
(+ bonus section on
single-action lever harp)​

Amelia Romano

Electric Harp Technique​

Maria Christina Cleary

Reclaiming pedal techniques of the past

Liza Wallace

Latin American Harp Technique

Hannelore Devaere

Baroque double and
triple-strung harps

Somehow I managed to watch EVERY WORKSHOP and take so many notes that my notebook is now falling apart. If it weren't for the availability of these videos being free for the first 48 hours, I would not have been able to participate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I learned so much from such a broad range of amazing artists and contributors.


This lecture and entire series has been invaluable for a self taught harper like me. It has given me so much to both try and also become in my playing. A garland of harper's love for all of this wonderful sharing of knowledge.


Get front-row access to 28+ master harpists, on your own schedule

"Thank you so much for bringing VHS to reality, such a creditable and creative idea! I watched the workshops and I benefited a lot, refreshing my playing, big, big thanks to you and your support team, you guys are amazing!" RK, Hong Kong

Besides the 28+ amazing presenters,
what makes Virtual Harp Summit so exciting?

Imagine not having to drag yourself (not to mention your harp!) on planes, trains and automobiles!

No jetlag, no hotel mystery food, no strange beds!

Just straight-up learning and community as soon as you log on,
any time that suits you.

Give yourself the gift of time!
Instead of panicking about:

• whether you've chosen the right workshop
• which workshops you know you're missing
• whether you'll remember what you learned anyway... would it feel to relax and access ALL THE WORKSHOPS at your leisure?

How about having the workshops fit into YOUR home and work schedule
rather than disrupt your life for days?
What about leaving the conference refreshed
rather than needing days to recover?

Last but not least, save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We all know how expensive harp festivals can get. Come to VHS with no money worries,
knowing you are getting front-row seats to the world's leading creative harpists for FREE (for a limited time)!

VHS 1 attendees rave:

"This was the best conference ever!!! So convenient, and so much valuable harp info packed into 7 glorious days! I have so many notes from the harp pros, which will really help me master this beautiful instrument! Can't wait for 2017 VHS!!!" GH, USA
"The conference was an inspiration to say the least. I did not think I would participate as much as I did. I have signed up for other online things and never got around to watching. Thank you for all your work and dedication. Please continue to inspire us to create." MC, USA
"I just dipped into the day 1 workshops....I think VHS is utterly amazing and so needed for harp players around the world! THANK YOU and THE TEAM for producing such a great Celebration of the Harp! I will continue to savour and revisit VHS for quite a while…" CM, Canada
VHS is wonderful! The harp community is all abuzz!!!
"The musical immersion has been awe-inspiring. I have found all the workshops very informative and have been back to some of them for a second look. I know I will go through most of them again as time goes by; I think you tend to take more in after hearing or watching the workshops a few times and you also seem hear something different, too. I feel I have gained more courage to perform and I that I am playing more from the heart, thanks to VHS." KA, Australia
"What an incredible musical journey! I feel that my wings are green again!" Christiana, Italy

Why you should attend Virtual Harp Summit:

1. VHS features an unparalleled gathering of master harpists, sharing never-before released material. You'll learn state-of-the-art approaches to playing with maximum beauty, expression, imagination, and creativity. You'll watch via brand-new videos, seeing and hearing all the action close up.

2. Since you'll be learning on your own time, you have maximum chance of retaining this wonderful information. This takes advantage of current learning theory: we learn better when we're relaxed.

3. Rather than taking a smorgasbord approach, VHS dives deeply into this most important topic: TECHNIQUE. This set you up for true success in your harp playing, and meaningful progress. We're not about more information, we're about creating lasting change so that you experience a completely new level of harping.

GET ACCESS TO 28+ master harpists

Schedule of Workshops

Every day @ 6am ET, 4-7 video workshops are released.

The concerts run 24/7 for the entire summit.

(Can't make a favorite workshop? We've got you covered. Purchase the All-Access Pass for a tiny fee,
and enjoy LIFETIME access to ALL workshops! Details below.)

Day 1: Thursday, March 9, 2017

Everyday Harping featuring Beth Kolle, Josh Layne, Diana Rowan and Helen Webby

Day 2: Friday, March 10, 2017

Harp Methods featuring Alice Giles, Linda Rollo & Susann MacDonald, Denise Grupp-Verbon and Julia Kay Jamieson

Live Online Social Hour​ - 2PM PST / 5PM EST / 10PM GMT / 9AM (Saturday) Sydney

Day 3: Saturday, March 11, 2017

Healthy Harping & body awareness featuring Sunita Staneslow, Diana Stork, Claire Happel and Angie Thusius

Day 4: Sunday, March 12, 2017

Harping through History featuring Ann Heymann, Judy Kadar, Mike Parker, Amelia Romano and Hannelore Devaere

Live Online Social Hour​ - 1PM PST / 4PM EST / 9PM GMT / 8AM (Saturday) Sydney

Day 5: Monday, March 13, 2017

Harping in Context featuring Peter Roberts, Christy-Lyn Marais, Karen Gottlieb and Maria Christina Cleary

Day 6: Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Extraordinary Harps featuring Harper Tasche, Dave Woodworth, Peter Roberts, John Metras, Julia Kay Jamieson, and Cynthia Cathcart.

Day 7: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

World Harp featuring Motoshi Kosako, Natalia Mann, Rachel Hair and Liza Wallace

Live Online Social Hour​ & Wrap Up - 1:30PM PST / 4:30PM EST / 9:30PM GMT / 8:30AM (Thursday) Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a techie type person - will it be hard for me to access Virtual Harp Summit?

VHS is designed by harpists, with harpists, for harpists. We're artists, not techies, and totally understand where you're coming from! We've chosen the most straightforward online tools available, and they're a pleasure to use. Just log on, and you're good to go! You don't even need a super-fast internet connection. We also have a magical team (Jaime, Jillian & Jocelyn) behind us who can help you if you get stuck on a tech matter.

How are the workshops shared - video or audio only?

The workshops are all in VIDEO format so that you can see as well as hear these amazing teachers.

How long is VHS.2 free for?

VHS.2 is 100% free March 9-15, 2017. Thereafter, you can purchase an All-Access Pass for a small fee, which gives you lifetime access to ALL the presentations (see next question).

What if I can't make any of the dates between March 9-15? I really want to attend VHS.2!

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can purchase the All-Access Pass for LIFETIME access to all the workshops and concerts! Just register for Virtual Harp Summit on this page as usual. You'll immediately receive All-Access Pass details as well. It's an amazing deal, backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, we're that confident VHS delivers!

What if I'm a beginner? Will I be able to keep up?

If you're a beginner, this is a perfect time to join VHS! All the presenters are focused on Technique for this summit. This is info you need from the first day you sit down with a harp.

Wow, I'm just hearing about Virtual Harp Summit now, how can I get access to Playing with Creativity and Expression Virtual Harp Summit?

The All-Access Pass for Playing with Creativity and Expression (VHS.1) is available here for $197. Or here, where you can gain lifetime access to VHS.1 and VHS.2 for only $219.

I could cry tears of joy at being able to access this kind of support, both free and in my case on an ongoing paid basis [the All-Access Pass].

PF, New Zealand

What if I'm advanced, a pro or a teacher? Will there be enough info for me?

The insights are presenters are sharing represent literally centuries of hard-won wisdom. The presenters are all addressing TECHNIQUE, and many of the insights will either be news, refreshers, or different ways of understanding things you already know. By all counts, VHS will be hugely valuable for you and/or your students.

Has this been done before? It's a great idea!

Yes, this is the 2nd Virtual Harp Summit. VHS.1 ran September 2016 and the theme was “Playing with Expression & Creativity.” You can still enjoy that summit by purchasing the VHS.1 All-Access Pass or the bundle which includes VHS.1 and VHS.2


Meet your host, Dr. Diana Rowan

I know music changes lives, sometimes instantly.
As a lifelong musician, I’ve had the privilege of performing and teaching worldwide.
From Eastern European Cathedrals, to the US Embassy in Vietnam, to the Smithsonian in Washington DC, to prisons and healing centers globally,
the power of the harp to dramatically move people enthralls me.

Sharing the power of music is my mission.
When I see my students step out into the world in their own artistic voice, it moves me to tears. When I hear the impact our music on others, it gives me hope more than anything else possibly can.

As a teacher and performer, my greatest goal is to foster lasting transformation.
This is very practical: I get my students to play better, with more power, confidence and sheer artistry.
For my audiences, I take them on a deep internal journey, and they find themselves changed forever.

I believe music is one of the most potent tools for healing ourselves and our world.

I believe in working with mentors who can actually do what they teach.
This is why I've gathered the harpists I most admire across the entire globe to teach you.
This is the first virtual harp summit ever, and the goal is nothing less than to make the harp more creative, more expressive, and more accessible than ever before.

To find out more about my music and concert schedule, visit (and come take a lesson with me Thursday March 9, my VHS free workshop date!)

WELCOME TO VIRTUAL HARP SUMMIT! We're so glad you're with us.

about diana

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