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Virtual Harp Summit!

What is a virtual harp summit?
It's a harp conference-festival that comes
straight to your living room!

Learn directly from 25+ masters,
to gorgeous harp performances,
other harpists worldwide,
all in your PJs!

VHS ran September 14-21 for FREE

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  • STUDY on your own schedule, in your own home!
  • LEARN from 25+ amazing masters via all-new videos
  • Make new harp FRIENDS & find your harp COMMUNITY
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: Finally bring your harp playing to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL
  • ...and experience all this without even leaving home!

SUMMIT 2016 THEME: Boost Your Expression & Creativity at the Harp!

The #1 concern harpists share is their playing sounds wooden, lifeless.

They fear playing with expression is only for "advanced" harpists.

They worry that creativity is only for the "gifted" or "talented."

In fact, being musical is natural!

But we need TOOLS to bring out what's inside us, otherwise it's guesswork

...and who has time for guesswork?

Virtual Harp Summit gives you the tools to:

  • play with EXPRESSION
  • boost your CREATIVITY

...quickly and easily!

Each top-notch harpist at Virtual Harp Summit has been
chosen because they are uniquely expressive and creative.

They walk their talk. They share from experience.

Our harpists come from every continent on Earth except Antarctica (well, our Alice Giles has performed there, so let's count that too!)

Some of these outstanding harpists are old friends to you,
others will be delightful new faces - all are amazing.
You are GUARANTEED to come away with
life-changing tools and experiences that will make a HUGE impact on your harp playing.

Still pinching myself that I really get to be part of this! RM, Santa Cruz CA


Have you ever attended a workshop, missed a key point, and wished you could press pause? At VHS, press pause with abandon! Better yet, watch all the video workshops as many times as you like! You won't miss a single minute!


Pour yourself a nice glass/make a steaming cup of your favorite brew, and sit down for a guaranteed front row seat at our glorious concerts on video! Don't worry about dashing in and throwing coats over seats!

...and social time!

One of the great joys of festivals is meeting other harpists. At VHS you'll connect with harpists worldwide at our online "social hours." You'll even be able to follow up long-term via our Private online pages. Welcome to your new harp friends and communities!

Who is teaching at Virtual Harp Summit?

You won't believe this lineup, all under one virtual roof!

Sunita Staneslow


Sunita has become a recognised leader in the harp world, and frequently tours and conducts workshops and master classes for harpists in the USA and Europe. She was named one of the top ten Jewish instrumentalists by Moment Magazine and is a recipient of a 1998 McKnight Foundation Fellowship in recognition of her work with Jewish music. She has released 20+ CDs of Jewish, Celtic and classical music and published 12 books of arrangements of music for the harp.

Beth Kolle

Norway/Washington, US

Beth Kollé is admittedly nuts about the harp, and Celtic and Nordic music. She has made her career out of these obsessions by performing, teaching, recording and publishing harp music from the Celtic and Nordic lands. She also sings and performs on flute and Irish pennywhistle, and is the founder of the Harpa Tours.

Destiny Muhammad

California, US

Destiny Muhammad follows in the footsteps of Jazz Harp Master Dorothy Ashby (who recorded with everyone from Freddie Hubbard and Frank Wess to Bill Withers and Stevie Wonder). Whether interpreting jazz standards or her original tunes, Muhammad turns every piece into a soulful adventure.

Lisa Lynne

Oregon, US

Lisa Lynne has gained worldwide recognition for her original music featuring Celtic Harp. She has sold over one million recordings. Her innovative work in Therapeutic music has gained recognition from NBC, CNN, Fox News Atlanta and the Wall Street Journal.

Philipp Barsky


Philipp Barsky started as an electronic musician at age 12, and soon became known throughout the worldwide computer underground scene. He began harp at 25, and now composes and improvises on a self-modified electro-acoustic lever harp. Philipp developed a distinctive style, and records and produces ethno-oriented music.

Motoshi Kosako


Sacramento Magazine says, “Kosako plays with fluid, modern style that evokes Keith Jarrett and Chick Corea.” His groundbreaking style is also noted in Harp Column as “Motoshi Kosako's introspective soloing was reminiscent of Keith Jarrett.” He plays numerous original compositions and standards as solo or in trio and quartet. Since 2008 he started touring Japan to give performances and workshops. He is considered the most influential Jazz harpist in Japan.

Alice Giles


Alice Giles is one of the world’s leading harp soloists. She won First Prize in the 8th Israel International Harp Contest at the age of 21. Since then she has performed extensively both in recital and with orchestras in Europe, America, Australia, and Israel. She has given many premiere performances, has commissioned a complete program of new works for the electro-acoustic harp, and is Artistic Director of the Seven Harp Ensemble (SHE), which has also commissioned many new works by Australian composers.

Julia Kay Jamieson

Illinois, USA

Julia Kay Jamieson is an energetic performer, dedicated teacher and inspired composer and arranger. She is a professional freelance harpist comfortable with playing a variety of musical styles from classical to popular, jazz, Celtic, religious or folk. She plays pedal, lever and single-action harps and has a Masters degree in harp performance. Julia has won numerous honors for both her playing and teaching.

Tara Jaff


Tara Jaff is an Iraqi Kurdish musician. Her fascination with the ancient harps of Sumeria, Assyria and Elam, dating as far back as 3000 BC led her to the contemporary Celtic harp. She has embraced this instrument and combined it with Kurdish music, particularly folk songs. She has developed her own innovative style to adapt to the various musical rhythms and modes of the region, bringing a contemporary expression to an ancient form of music and song.

Amelia Romano

California, US

"Creativity gives meaning to my passion. I live for the unexpected, a magical moment on stage that brings joy to all present. Composing and arranging the music I perform gives purpose to my work. I deeply enjoy the searching, exploring and discovering process."

Sarah Marie Mullen

Everywhere, US

Harpist Sarah Marie Mullen has been delighting audiences for years as a touring and recording artist. Her masterful playing and innovative arrangements have made her a favorite all over the country. Combining a personal, playful style of performance that often blends music with storytelling, she has been called “a master at her craft who brings a bit of whimsy to the typically serious instrument”.

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz


Internationally acclaimed by the critics, Dr. Alfredo Rolando Ortiz is a concert artist, composer, author, educator, and gold record winning recording artist. His performances for audiences of all ages and backgrounds are unforgettable music experiences with exciting Latin American rhythms, traditional, classical and popular music as well as his original compositions.

Temesgen Hussein


Temesgen was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He studied with Alemayehu Fanta and Teshome Shenkute at the Yared School of Music in Addis Ababa. It is Temesgen's dream to keep alive the ancient musical traditions of Ethiopia. He is in the process of setting up a school to teach the Begena and the Krar. Temesgen teaches online and in person.

Deborah Henson-Conant

Massachusetts, US

Deborah Henson-Conant is a Grammy-Nominated electric harp virtuoso with a wicked sense of humor, a gutsy set of vocal chords and theatrical flair. Her shows, her life, her instrument, her workshops and her music are all about transformation - all tied together by powerful, funny, affirming stories and universal humor.

Harper Tasche

Washington, US

For over twenty years Harper Tasche has shared his distinctive and emotionally compelling performances, and his obvious passion for teaching, at major harp events across the USA and Canada. Harper’s marketing director wants to push recordings and publications – but for Harper, it’s all about making music as evocative and expressive as possible.

Winnie Wong

Hong Kong/California, US

Winnie Wong began her training on the Chinese guzheng at the age of four and a half under the expertise of guzheng virtuoso, Ms. Weishan Liu and at the age of 5 made her debut. Currently Winnie also performs as a part of a fusion music group, “Ultra World X-tet”. Her playing is noted for its extremely emotional and virtuosic power.


Natalia Mann

Samoa/New Zealand/Australia

A New Zealand born harpist of Samoan descent, Natalia Mann combines a classical foundation with a natural aptitude for experimentation. As a recording and performing artist, she has a great capacity for adaptation to extremely diverse musical contexts. From various world music styles through to contemporary, electronic and meditative forms, Natalia brings grace and originality to all of her collaborations.


Diana Rowan

Ireland/California, US

An award-winning musical artist performing worldwide, Dr. Diana Rowan’s playing and compositions have unusual power and beauty. She integrates global musical traditions with fluency and reverence. Born in Ireland and raised the child of an Irish diplomat, Diana has traveled, lived and performed on six continents. As a natural outgrowth of this inspiration, her music interweaves global music, art, spirituality and mythology.


Katrina Handayan & Michael Young


Katrina and Michael are yoga teachers, meditation instructors, and experienced in arts as diverse as massage and heavy metal. They offer deep and fun pointers during this workshop as quick, gentle ways to open your creativity and expression.


Denise Grupp-Verbon

Ohio, US

Denise Grupp-Verbon completed her Master's Degree in Harp Performance at Northwestern University. In addition to her college career, Denise studied harp privately, for many years, with Mr. Edward Druzinsky, Principal Harpist with The Chicago Symphony Orchestra for 40 years.


Cynthia Artish

California, US

A childhood love of mythology drew Cynthia onto a path of musical storytelling. Her unique sound possesses a purity and soulful expression reaching from prayerful to whimsical. Cynthia is a devoted, passionate musician and published composer. She performs and teaches internationally. Cynthia’s music is heard on many soundtracks and recordings, including her album, “Beyond All Telling”.


Francisca Santibanez


Francisca Santibanez is a plant|heart based healer, herbalist, visual artist, and educator. Raised in South America, she spent her childhood in Brasil and Chile. From a very young age she was deeply connected with plants and had the awareness that her primary relationship was with nature and life itself. She inherited a love for herbs from her mother and grandmother, both whom were avid herb gardeners and medicinal tea (aguita de yerba) drinkers following a long tradition of Chilean folk “kitchen medicine”.


Kathy Kleypas

Oregon, US

Kathryn Kleypas has a PhD in English and Comparative Literature and has spent the last 20 years teaching and supporting writers of all ages and educational levels in may different parts of the world. She became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach as a means to be more effective in her work with students and writers but has discovered that the transformational powers of Co-Active Coaching help all people, no matter their backgrounds, to tap into their creativity and find their own unique modes of expression.


Vessela Trichkova


Vessela Trichkova is a seasoned professional harpist, and studied with the most prominent Bulgarian harpists. Her first teacher Suzanna Klintcharova, and later Vessela acquired a Master’s Degree at the Bulgarian National Music Academy under prof. Malina Christova. Since 2000 Vessela has been principal harp for the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. She plays with many other orchestras as well, both as a soloist and as an orchestra member, such as the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony, the Macedonian Philharmonics, the Belgrade Philharmonics, and the State Orchestra of Thessaloniki, Greece. She also regularly takes part in film music or other contemporary music recordings. Vessela plays chamber music as well. She's a member of Quarto quartet since 2012 and in recent years has a duo with flutist Yana Mihaylova. Vessela's repertoire encompasses a vast range music styles and eras, and her rich concert activities have brought her to many different countries. She has performed in Paris, London, Moscow, Jerusalem, Seoul among others.


Daniel Berkman

California, US

Daniel Berkman is a Bay Area electronic musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, looper and innovator on the Kora (a 21-stringed harp-lute from West Africa) and its modern counterpart, the Gravikord.

Daniel also has recordings under his electronic music moniker Colfax. Instruments: kora, gravikord, guitar, handsonic, ukelin, synths, cello, uke, viol, keys and more.

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I live in Mumbai, India and am the only pedal harpist here. I always thought how amazing it would be to attend those lovely harp festivals in the USA but the logistics of getting there were not feasible.
Thank you so much for coming up with this brilliant idea."
RM, India

Besides the 25+ amazing presenters,
what makes Virtual Harp Summit so exciting?

Imagine not having to drag yourself (not to mention your harp!) on planes, trains and automobiles!

No jetlag, no hotel mystery food, no strange beds!

Just straight-up learning and community as soon as you log on,
any time that suits you.

Give yourself the gift of time!
Instead of panicking about:

• whether you've chosen the right workshop
• which workshops you know you're missing
• whether you'll remember what you learned anyway...

...how would it feel to relax and access ALL THE WORKSHOPS at your leisure?

How about having the workshops fit into YOUR home and work schedule
rather than disrupt your life for days?
What about leaving the conference refreshed
rather than needing days to recover?

Last but not least, save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

We all know how expensive harp festivals can get. Come to VHS with no money worries,
knowing you are getting front-row seats to the world's leading creative harpists for FREE (for a limited time)!

Early-Bird VHS registrants are already raving:

"This is genius!" JL, Minnesota

"This is such a great idea! Thank you for making it affordable!" MP, California
"OMG, this is awesome!" EB, Ohio
What a feast it's going to be!
This is a very thought-out and balanced line-up of high-caliber artists and teachers,
from thousands of years BC to contemporary to beyond,
from pedal to lever and electric to across the continent
to someone who doesn't even play harp.
Yet somehow it doesn't seem to be all over the place since there's a unifying theme.
This is a very masterful collaboration.
I'm looking forward to it. “ AW, California

Why you should attend Virtual Harp Summit:

1. VHS features an unparalleled gathering of master harpists, sharing never-before released material. You'll learn state-of-the-art approaches to playing with maximum beauty, expression, imagination, and creativity. You'll watch via brand-new videos, seeing and hearing all the action close up.

2. Since you'll be learning on your own time, you have maximum chance of retaining this wonderful information. This takes advantage of current learning theory: we learn better when we're relaxed.

3. Rather than taking a smorgasbord approach, VHS dives deeply into the two most important topics in music making: Expression & Creativity. This set you up for true success in your harp playing, and meaningful progress. We're not about more information, we're about creating lasting change so that you experience a completely new level of harping.

GET ACCESS TO 25+ master harpists

Schedule of Workshops Sept 14-21, 2016

Every day @ 6am ET, 3-4 video workshops and concerts were released.

(Can't make a favorite workshop? We've got you covered. Purchase the All-Access Pass for a tiny fee, 
and enjoy LIFETIME access to ALL workshops! Details below.)

Day 1: Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Please welcome...

Sunita, Alice, Cynthia & Motoshi

We start VHS with a group of heavy-hitters, each a master of their genre(s) of harping.

Sunita brings us Celtic and Israeli music, backed up by a classical foundation, and is noted for her fresh and tasteful arrangements.

Alice brings depth of interpretation to classical and new music, and is a champion of modern composers. She has a unique ability to show HOW to play dynamically; the nuts & bolts of harping, as it were.

Motoshi livens up the jazz harp scene worldwide by incorporating influences from other instruments, particularly guitar, creating wonderfully colorful arrangements and compositions.

Cynthia's wildly diverse musical background allows her to see beyond genre and straight to the heart of expression and creativity. Come learn about her Intuitive Harping method!

ALL Concerts run 24/7 during the summit!

Day 2: Thursday, September 15, 2016

Please welcome...

Lisa, Alfredo, Destiny, & enjoy our 1st live social hour!

Get ready for a delightful day of soulful harping, focused on celebrating the most important things in life.

Each of these harpists has a uniquely spiritual and personal harp voice:

Lisa's lyrical harp compositions and arrangements come from decades of immersion in many genres. Her playing goes straight to the heart.

Alfredo's legendary emotional songs are constant favorites in many harpists' repertoires for good reason - they speak directly to our souls.

Destiny connects directly to the deepest reasons we make music, and celebrates that with abandon. If anyone will teach you to come out of your shell, Ms. Destiny is that lady!

It only seems fitting during this full day to get together and celebrate some more at our first live social hour! Log on at 11am Pacific Time and meet harpists from all over the world!

ALL Concerts run 24/7 during the summit!

Day 3: Friday, September 16, 2016

Please welcome...

DHC, Natalia, Philip & Kathy

Today we get into maverick territory, along with help from an honest-to-goodness Success Coach!

DHC. Need we say more? Thought not. So happy to welcome her to VHS!

Natalia has worked in almost any genre you can name. Electronic music and harp? Check. Turkish music and harp? Check. Samoan music and harp? Check. Throughout this journeying, she maintains a unique and, yes, maverick voice.

Philipp moved from electronic music back in time to embrace the harp. But you can never forget what you already know, so his take on harp is utterly modern, even when playing traditional music. Come learn about the Russian underground harp scene - you heard it here first!

Kathy is a Success Coach experienced in helping people get through creative block, plus she's a serious amateur musician, so really understands the jagged path we walk as artists! Kathy's energetic and direct style will help you bypass limiting beliefs and embrace your true purpose.

ALL Concerts run 24/7 during the summit!


Day 4: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Please welcome...

Beth, Winnie, Katrina & Michael, & our 2nd live social hour!

We go to opposite sides of the world today with these world music masters.

Learn how world music can supercharge your expression and creativity:

Beth is famed for her Celtic and Nordic music, especially her elegant, emotional arrangements.

Winnie's guzheng (Chinese harp) playing often has audiences stunned at the torrent of emotion she pours forth. Learn first hand from this maestra how she does it!

All this travel is making us thirsty - join us at 6pm Pacific Time for our second live social hour!

Then, to wrap things up, join Katrina & Michael to learn easy, safe, specific yoga, mediation and massage practice you can do to support creativity. A great way to wind up the day!

ALL Concerts run 24/7 during the summit!

Day 5: Sunday, September 18, 2016

Please welcome...

Harper, Amelia, Angel, & Francisca

Today we focus on harpists who delve into a particular type of harp to bring out its most authentic voice:

After all, it all starts with a harp...

Harper is known for his limit-busting approach to small harps, showing us size doesn't matter. In this case.

Amelia's work on electric harp brings out the vast expressive range of this new instrument. She is creating a genre of her own, springing out of the uniquely fertile SF Bay Area harp scene.

Daniel bring deep respect and innovation to the kora, the harp of West Africa. His mesmerizing kora patterns will change the way you think about harping.

Finally, meet with Francisca, a certified herbalist who also walks the artistic path. She'll give simple remedies to support you on the artist's journey.​

ALL Concerts run 24/7 during the summit!

Day 6: Monday, September 19, 2016

Please welcome...

Temesgen, Tara, Denise, Vessela, & our 3rd live social hour!

Today's harpists again us on another journey around the world (from your living in PJs, of course!)

Music is an endless source of inspiration worldwide...

Temesgen's Ethiopian harps are amongst the oldest harps in the world, yet are very much a part of daily life today in Ethiopia. Learn how Temesgen champions this ancient music, and why it is still so relevant to today's audiences.

Tara is very famous in her worldwide Kurdish community - again she plays an ancient music in way that completely speaks to the people of today. Born in Iraq and joining us from her home in London, Tara is a true cosmopolitan. If you haven't met Tara, you need to!

Denise's arrangements of music from many genres is another crucial step in making sure harp stays juicy and relevant. She has a way of making the familiar sound brand new again! She joins us from the American heartland, Ohio.

Vessela joins us from Bulgaria, and is one of the best harpists in Eastern Europe, itself a hotbed of incredible harpists. As principal harpist for the Sofia Philharmonic and a well-known soloist, Vessela's massive repertoire gives her unique insight to expression and creativity at the harp.

Join us for our 3rd social hour, 5pm Pacific Time LIVE!

Day 7: Tuesday, September 20-21, 2016

Please welcome...

Julia, Sarah, live wrap-up & takeaway recap with Dr. Diana

Our final day! What a journey it's been! We wrap up with three ladies who belie stereotyping - as soon as you try to put one in a box, she's already created origami out of it:

Julia's arrangements of anything from Queen to classics, and her compositions from virtuosic solos to charming ensemble pieces, make her a harp force to watch.

Sarah looks like a proper Renaissance lady, and yes she can play all the traditional tunes in fine authentic style - then listen to her recordings and meet a thoroughly modern artist!

Your host for VHS, Diana, is known for moving between worlds musically. Join her for a live wrap up 11am Pacific Time to debrief on this massive VHS journey together. We'll be recapping the major takeaways. Oh, and she'll share HER tips for expression and creativity today too!


? I'm not a techie type person - will it be hard for me to access Virtual Harp Summit?

VHS is designed by a harpist, with harpists, for harpists. We're artists, not techies, and totally understand where you're coming from! We've chosen the most straightforward online tools available, and they're a pleasure to use. Just log on, and you're good to go! You don't even need a super-fast internet connection. We also have a magical team (Jaime & Debbie) behind us who can help you if you get stuck on a tech matter.

? How are the workshops shared - video or audio only?

The workshops are all VIDEO so that you can see as well as hear these amazing teachers.

? How long is VHS free for?

VHS is 100% free September 14-20. Thereafter, you can purchase an All-Access Pass for a small fee, which gives you lifetime access to ALL the presentations (see next question).

? What if I can't make any of the dates between September 14-20? I really want to attend VHS!

Don't worry, we've got you covered! You can purchase the All-Access Pass for LIFETIME access to all the workshops! Just register for Virtual Harp Summit on this page as usual, and you'll also receive details on the pass. It's an amazing deal, backed up by a 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, we're that confident VHS delivers!

? What if I'm a beginner?

If you're a beginner, this is a perfect time to join VHS! All the presenters are focused on Playing with Expression & Creativity. This is info you need from Day 1. For the 10% of truly advanced techniques (I'm looking at Motoshi and Sarah, and that only for part of their presentations ;)), those are something you can grow into.

? What if I'm advanced or already a teacher?

The insights are presenters are sharing represent literally centuries of hard-won wisdom on topics we rarely discuss directly. The presenters are all addressing Playing with Expression & Creativity, and many of the insights will either be news, refreshers, or different ways of understanding things you already know. By all counts, VHS will be hugely valuable for you and/or your students. Bonus: many presenters are sharing how they STAY creative and expressive despite the pressures of being pros. You know what we mean ;)

? Why has this not been done before? It's a great idea!

The technology has only just now reached the point where it's possible for non-techie people to create and access summits like this. You're in on this cutting-edge event. Welcome to the future of harping!

Meet your host, Dr. Diana Rowan

I know music changes lives, sometimes instantly.
As a lifelong musician, I’ve had the privilege of performing and teaching worldwide.
From Eastern European Cathedrals, to the US Embassy in Vietnam, to the Smithsonian in Washington DC, to prisons and healing centers globally,
the power of the harp to dramatically move people enthralls me.

Sharing the power of music is my mission.
When I see my students step out into the world in their own artistic voice, it moves me to tears. When I hear the impact our music on others, it gives me hope more than anything else possibly can.

As a teacher and performer, my greatest goal is to foster lasting transformation.
This is very practical: I get my students to play better, with more power, confidence and sheer artistry.
For my audiences, I take them on a deep internal journey, and they find themselves changed forever.

I believe music is one of the most potent tools for healing ourselves and our world.

I believe in working with mentors who can actually do what they teach.
This is why I've gathered the harpists I most admire across the entire globe to teach you.
This is the first virtual harp summit ever, and the goal is nothing less than to make the harp more creative, more expressive, and more accessible than ever before.

To find out more about my music and concert schedule, visit www.dianarowan.com (and come take a lesson with me Sept 20, my VHS free workshop date!)

WELCOME TO VIRTUAL HARP SUMMIT! We're so glad you're with us.

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